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Pull-SMS allows consumers interested in your advertising to send an SMS requesting (pull) further information about your business, sent to their phone. Floodgate’s latest development release allows us to respond with richer content compared to the normal sms offered in the market place. It provides the ability to harvest contact details and facilitate two-way communication (surveys) with customers, all via a mobile phone. Our products are not limited to marketing applications and are increasingly being employed in diverse communication situations.

- Customising the application of our products to suite your unique communication strategy.
- Implementing communication strategies which integrate into your current IT infrastructure.
- Analysing communication strategies using our Floodgate Campaign Management system.
- Measuring Media for Return on Investment analysis

Get More Leads

Adding a shortcode SMS call-to-action to your contact details, wherever they are used, makes it ‘EasyAnytime’ for a consumer to respond impulsively to your advertising.

Monitor Your Market

Media agencies are known for their ‘spray-and-pray approach’; the philosophy that ‘50% of advertising works; we’re just not sure which 50%.’ But FLOODGATE’s online reporting helps you to determine which media are generating the best returns for your adspend: radio, TV, print, web, billboard, roadside, branded vehicles, in-store promos or even packaging.

Build a Base

The Report File Database benefit is a biggie because FLOODGATE stores each KeyWord activation, recording the consumer’s cellphone number and the date and time of the activation, in a password-protected database for your exclusive use. For you, this translates into a private message centre able to capture consumers’ interest 24/7.

Go Beyond Contact

There’s more to instant brand communication than mere contact. It’s bigger than that… And that’s why, with FLOODGATE, you can go beyond contact, in ways you never imagined.

What we do

FLOODGATE’s instant brand communication closes the gap between marketing and sales, based on the philosophy that mobile phones are King of Communication.

SMS, Keywords

Send Messages. Multiple keywords on a choice of shortcodes.

WhatsApp / Chat Bot

WhatsApp integration / Sales call centre applications.


Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) forms.

Mobile Forms

Create custom mobile ready forms to increase your marketing success rates.


Run competitions, opt-in and opt-out management included.

Contact Us

Alternatively, sms CONTACT to 34007 (R2/sms) and we’ll call you back so that we can answer whatever question you might have.


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